A man is a success is he gets up in the morning and gets to bed at night, and in between he does what he wants to do.

- Bob Dylan

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

The lemonade stand...

Mason has been asking all summer to have a lemonade stand.
I keep promising him that one day I will help him set one up.
The days just keep going by.
He keeps asking....
Yesterday, after Greg finished golfing (on his day off), he said he would help him.
They loaded up the truck with lemonade, licorice, a sign, table and a chair.
He set Mason up on the corner, outside of our main neighborhood gate.
And they waited....

Homemade sign and all....

1st customer.... Greg!
Not sure how much he actually purchased.

Another piece for good ol dad....

Finally, a neighbor stopped.
Thanks, Taylor (how sweet is that).
And then the sales kept coming.
The biggest sale was $5.00.
Thanks, Tanya... I will always buy from your kids!
That's the way the world works, you know.
At the end of the day he made $10.25.
It might have been the cutest thing I'd seen in a long time.
Greg just sat in his truck making calls and eating licorice.
Mason just kept waiting and having faith.
Isn't life good????
ps.... This will be one of my last posts on this blog. I am revamping my website.... so next week I will be able to blog on it. You can find me, my family, my tshirts and my art at http://www.tfisherart.com/. I will still be making my Tues and Thurs posts on http://www.liveitupalittle.blogspot.com/. We will be letting you know soon when our next Trash Trunk party is. Date and time to be determined for the month of September.
Hugs to you all!!!

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy 4th of July...

4th of July.
Time for reflection.
Time for family.
Time for friends.
Time for fun.
Time to create new memories....I want to be Meagan.... just for one day!
How cute is she?
Youth.... love it!
We sat on my mom's patio yesterday. We talked about life. Her guy is overseas fighting for our freedom. Wow, need I say more? Hugs to Ryan!!!
She likes big cities. I like little towns.
She likes trendy sunglasses. I like the ones that I find in my car.
She likes bikinis. I like swimsuits that cover up my 46 years of having fun.
She likes slushy drinks at lunch. I like water (re hydration from the night before with her).
She likes short shorts. I like what fits.
But you know what we both like???
Family. Friends. Talking. Giggling. Just being together!

Great sign. Point me to the beach!!!!

I know we just had a two hour meeting on maintenance and work that needs to be done at the family beach place. But, hey.... this girl needs a break! The kids were playing with their cousins. Greg was at work. Others were digging clams, gardening, driving the tractor... and out and about. I took this rare opportunity to grab every old edition of Coastal Living I could find and put my feet up. It was a nice moment.

I love when my mom (gigi) hangs out with the kids. Looking at the photo I am not really sure what they were going to catch. It looks like the tide is out. They were having a good time.

Mom's house. Love it! Wish it was mine!!!
Perfect photo for the 4th of July.
Hugs to you all...

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

tshirts.... college designs..

It's that time of year....
Summer is here.
Fall is just around the corner.
Old designs are put away (but still available to order).
New designs are in the works.
Interested? Call your college buyers and tell them to contact their MYU rep.
Who doesn't need a new tshirt?
t.fisher designs.
What's your story?

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Nakamol modeled by Brooke...

At our last Trash Trunk show we had Nakamol jewelry for sale. It's really a fun, hip line. Celebrities are wearing it in all of the magazines. And the best part is... it's affordable. Brooke wanted to model for us. To view the items that are actually for sale, go to
Happy shopping!!!

Summer, sprinklers and neighbors... it's all good!

It's finally summer weather....Hula Girl, our palm tree, loves this weather. She is 6 years old. And yes, this kind does grow in the Pacific NW. She was only 4 feet tall when we got her.... now she is so big. I came home from my 40th birthday trip with my mom (Laguna Beach... my favorite place) and gone was the tree that came with the house... and in it's place was what I'd always wanted.... Greg planted me a palm tree. And weather like this today makes me love it even more. Notice the blue skies... we've been waiting for them!

Ladies first....

And the boys say... "first is worst, second is best, third is the one with the hairy chest". The girls don't care... they were first! I love our neighbors. And summer just makes it better. We come out of our winter cocoons (back of our homes where the family rooms are) and get out the pool toys. They don't care that we are missing a pool in our front yard. That's the beauty of childhood.... you just don't care.

Old Navy flip flops.... best price, never a blister, a color for every outfit (according to my teenager). www.oldnavy.com

Of course I am still working on my art. My studio/office faces the front yard. And as I am typing.... they are now arguing about who's towel is the black and orange one. I bought tons of beach towels on sale last year.... orange, hot pink, lime green, vibrant blue, etc... but they always fight over the old black and faded orange one. Why????????
So, I must run and take care of the problem.
Then off to bog about our Nakamol jewelry on www.liveitupalittle.blogspot.com. Come visit us over there. We had a few pieces left over from the party and you can see it all on that blog. It's for sale.
Happy Summer!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Father's Day memories...

Father's Day 2101....Off to a good start. Church was amazing. A blues grass band played. Very uplifting message. Good family time. I know I am blessed... and am reminded every Sunday in case I forget.
Then it began to rain.... and rain.... and rain.... for our one hour drive to my dad's home.

"Breakfast of the champions" is what we call this. We told the kids they could order anything off of the dollar menu. That seems to work every time! And you will notice Greg had to get the enormous iced coffee.... he said it was father's day... and he deserved it. Actually I think he knew what kind of day was ahead. I always have fantasies about holidays and family time in the car.... guess he knew!

My dad was happy. Every time we ask him what he wants for his birthday or father's day or Christmas... he says "a suitcase full of money". Well, I was not about to go out and buy a suitcase, so my brother and I filled this bag with money. To tell you the truth we didn't even count what we put in. We just threw in what we had. After reviewing the photo, I think dad made out real well.

We also gave him Saltwater Taffy. We call them "chewies"... we have called them that since we were kids. My dad even named a kid Chewy after he ate everyone's saltwater taffy during a vacation (long story.. will save for another day). Although, I wonder if Brad B. still goes by Chewy at age 43. I am pretty sure he goes by Brad now.

One quick pose with the kids before we head out. Jan served us cinnamon rolls. Two kinds... one from the church (I must get their recipe.... delicious) and one from a tube (the kids prefer..haha... probably because they are used to those kind), and also a plate of brownies. Can you say "stuffed"? McDonalds and cinnamon rolls. It was going to be a long drive home!

Bye Toby... see you soon.
Toby The Wonderdog

Of course Greg had to gas up at the station. The morning started out with him insisting we had to be "on time" for church in honor of father's day (yeah, we heard that phrase over and over..) so we would take his truck (the beefy Harley Davidson truck) instead of my car (the new car that is smooth on trips like these). He swore he had enough gas..... Well, well, well.... just look at the photo above. Hmmm.... it looks like he didn't!
It was actually fun stopping. Small town. Interesting scenery.

Loved the "fish".... so I had a great idea...
everyone in the family had to pose next to some carving and have a photo taken.

The kids wanted ice cream. This was all they got. Hey, we just had McDonalds and cinnamon rolls... and saltwater taffy. No more sugar!

Brooke picked the bear. Cute and cuddly. Just like her.

A gnome for Mason. Notice he had to make the same face... or it might have been because he did NOT want his photo taken. Did I mention there was a main road out front and everyone was honking at him?

Greg chose the big guy. People were honking at him too.

I chose the mermaid. And after seeing this photo decided I needed to join a gym.

This is a photo from the story below... but I put it in the wrong order and cannot figure out how to fix it. I have never claimed to be a computer genius.
John Wayne.... I truly would have bid on this at the auction (car show) but you had to wait around until 4pm to see if you had won. Greg's dad would have loved it. He has a John Wayne poster in his home. Every time I go there I want one. Seriously! It's kind of like those posters with the dogs playing poker... or black light.... you don't know where to get them any more... but they bring back the good ol days. You just like them! Okay, maybe not everyone, but I will admit that I do. Sorry, Bob, I could not sit at that car show for three hours waiting to see if I'd won the clock (you had to be present to win). I'll look on ebay for one.

The sign on the side of the road...
We were heading back home from my dad's house. No, Greg did not just see this sign. No, no, no!!! It was raining and I was tired and full. Please no stops...

So you can see... we stopped!
It was father's day (I know, I know).
Brooke looks real thrilled with the engine. That's when I grabbed her and made her go over to the auction area where they were auctioning off dolls, doilies and John Wayne clocks. It was better than car engines.
This one was pretty cool. It reminds me of the car in Grease. Remember the car race at the end where Danny (John Travolta) had to win Sandy's (Olivia Newton John's) heart? The villain (Knicky) drove one like this. Dangerous. Mysterious. Cool. So 80"s. I love it.

If I could choose, this would have been the one for me. Crimson and Gray (WSU colors). Perfect!

I swear on the bible.... this sign truly was on the way home. We saw it when we were leaving the fabulous car show. NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!
Oh good, we didn't have to stop for this one. I think Greg was getting tired and we still had an hour to drive.

The kids..... happy..... one minute into the drive home.....

.... and one minute after that. Fighting over Gogo's! If you don't know what Gogo's are... then I suggest you hide your kids eyes from this photo. Don't get them. They only lead to fighting and tears. They are cute little toys, but not worth it! Trust me!!!

Greg can't handle fighting in the car (especially on father's day... did I mention it was father's day???). So he did what any dad would do. Reach for a CD that only he likes (it is father's day you know), turn up the volume, and tune the kids out. Insert my scream at any time!!!! CALGON, TAKE ME AWAY!

Home at last. He gets the remote. Notice he uses two fingers to flip between many channels. And it was our lucky day.... father's day.... every sport known to man was on!
I put a blanket over him and just let him be.
And he said it was a great FATHER'S DAY!!!!
OH, life is good...

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Art for UpTown... not your average planter!

I was asked by a friend if I would be interested in painting a planter. UpTown would commission me to paint on a planter that Elandan Gallary would fill and UpTown would generously donate to the Gig Harbor Garden Tour auction next weekend. What was a simple project (in my mind)... turned into an experience I will never forget.

Kristin and I went shopping for the planter and found this one. It was so cool. It was rustic, yet funky in style. Also light weight. And big (not that you can tell from this photo... Mason could even sit in it!)... Perfect for our project.

John supplied me with the words and phrases. I was sooo excited to get started...

Now this is where you insert the last week of school, new tshirt designs to produce (yeah... we got the Hurricanes!), Brooke started cheerleading, Mason ended Little League and started Peninsula Youth Football, Father's Day (just bought his gifts today), end of year teacher gifts, end of year parties, etc. Hmmmm.... typical me.... "I can do it"... NO comments please! haha

Also, did I forget to mention I had to get special outdoor paints and sealer... and the planter was made of foam with very porous texture that you cannot draw a straight line on??????

But it all worked out. When I was finished with this project I loved it. It is different from the rest I am sure. It is just plain fun! I want one for my own patio. So, if you are interested in one, please go to the the GH Garden Tour Auction at Rosedale Gardens this weekend. I will not be taking special orders... unless there is a trip to Hawaii or Palm Desert included in the deal!!
Seriously, support our local community and check it out.
Thank you family and friends and clients that allowed me to take a few days off to get this project completed. Happy summer gardening!